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Based in Taiwan, with an eye on the world stage, we have gathered talents in various fields such as optics, mechanics, electronics, and software. We have abundant R&D capabilities, adhere to diversified operations, meet diverse market demands, market our own brands around the world, and provide services in a wide range of areas.

Advanced Optics combines AI and AOI, BUENOOPTICS vertically integrates automation to build localized equipment, helping companies to enter the field of IoT and smart machinery manufacturing; BUENOPARTNERS vigorously promotes CSR green circular economy, develops related series of recycling equipment, and builds a green living circle for all people; BUENOOPTO's forward-looking and diversified automotive and consumer electronic products create a more high-tech life. Hequanfeng aims to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and do its part to create a smart future!


AI technology|Internet of Things|Smart machinery|Circular economy|Green energy technology|Automotive electronics|Optoelectronics

Machine Vision|AI Image Processing Judgment

Intelligent automated sorting | Big data statistical analysis and decision-making

Smart Machinery Industry 4.0|Mechanism Design and Fixture Development

Robotic Arm | Automated Production Line / Machine Development and Integration

Industrial lamps | Special light sources

Consumer product development|Optics and optoelectronics

Smart recycling machine | Low-carbon behavior platform

Recycling Resume|Big Data Monitoring Backstage

Automotive electronics|Video, audio, and in-vehicle communication systems

Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Brand Marketing|UI/UX Design

​Product Design|Recycled Goods

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