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Machine vision measurement and testing applications | Artificial intelligence and deep learning | Automation equipment integration development

The Intelligent Optical Inspection Division uses AOI automatic optical inspection and machine vision as a measurement and inspection technology to replace human eyes, brain and hand movements to judge and detect product defects to improve the shortcomings of traditional human use of optical instruments for inspection. BUENO OPTICS is a countermeasure for advanced optical intelligent measurement/inspection technology, assisting domestic enterprises in the integration of equipment needs and the introduction of inspection into production lines, and entering the field of intelligence.

A domestic brand with full self-development capabilities #BUENO OPTICS

BUENO OPTICS's automated optical inspection equipment has a complete set of automated optical measurement/inspection equipment solutions, ranging from optical imaging system architecture design, image processing, logical calculation technology, to mechanism design, motion control, etc.

high speed

Automatic optical measurement/inspection equipment can identify and measure multiple objects of various sizes at the same time. The personnel only need to click the measurement button to quickly obtain the data.

High stability

High precision, high repeatability of measurement results, regardless of individual differences. Intelligent recognition function automatically measures to eliminate human differences.

High degree of digitization

The equipment can aggregate data by itself without manual transcription. The measurement data can be automatically uploaded to the ERP/MRP/MES system, which is conducive to subsequent data tracking.

BUENO OPTICS Technology Power

Exclusively developed automatic optical inspection equipment

Various industrial machine vision applications, artificial intelligence and deep learning
Use high-speed, high-precision AOI automatic optical image inspection/measurement technology to replace traditional manual inspection using human eyes and improve quality management efficiency.

Machine Vision

From the use of light sources, the matching of various lenses, and the use of the right camera, obtaining good image quality is the most important step in machine vision optical testing.

Internet of Things

Obtain statistical decision-making results from big data, integrate relevant sensors and equipment control systems, and realize timely correction of process parameters, thereby improving product quality and yield and reducing production costs.


Intelligent image judgment

The combination of image processing recognition and deep learning,

Make the test quality more accurate and stable.

Big Data Statistical Analysis and Decision Making

A large number of measurements combined with statistical analysis models can

To obtain process capability analysis and calculate feedback

Process capability revision.

Automated Solutions

  • We can customize semi-automatic machines, automated machines, mass production lines, robotic arm applications, special fixtures, smart sensor IoT integration according to customer needs, and design corresponding functional machines according to customer budget requirements.

  • The team has considerable design capabilities and can provide customers with 3D design drawings and animation references.

  • Assist in building smart factories and provide customers with automation solutions.

Automated Solutions

Increase production efficiency

Reduce labor costs

Ensure worker safety

Perform tasks that cannot be completed by humans

Improve product quality

Becoming an advanced smart factory

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