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Intelligent, high-precision and ultra-fast measurement to achieve more stable measurement quality

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Optical technology
Optics Technique
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Defect Detection
D efect Inspection
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Dimension measurement
Size Inspection
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Automated Integration
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Vertically integrated business of independent local R&D, production, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service

2D measurement of CNC machined parts

2D image contour measurement

2D measuring equipment uses telecentric light source and telecentric lens to achieve accurate dimensional measurement in a parallel optical axis manner. It can be applied to engineering metal forming, rubber and plastic injection molding or processed products, such as seals , oil fans, springs, gears, connectors , stamping parts, die-cast parts, CNC machined parts, injection parts and other parts.

Precision parts size 3D measurement

Non-contact 3D profile measurement

3D measuring equipment uses four-eye structured light source or laser sensor to quantify the point cloud data for related measurement. Service customer areas can be applied to: 3D measurement of non-transparent precision parts such as rubber and plastic, metal processing parts , BGA, PCB, etc. (transparent parts need to be sprayed with powder).

Wafer measurement

Semiconductor wafer/chip measurement

Applicable to wafers: surface profile inspection of semiconductor wafers such as silicon wafers, sapphire, SIC, GAN, etc.; component types: LCD, LED, Micro Lens, MEMS, etc. are structural surface shape parameter measurements. Measurement items: 2D/3D surface profile, roughness, step difference, flatness, wear volume, etc. are structural surface parameter measurements. Fully automatic measurement, and automatic joint fitting function, expand the measurement area of seam pattern observation.

Automated smart manufacturing

Automated smart manufacturing

Technologies such as intelligent optical inspection and automation integrated machine arm applications, and various automation system integrations provide the industry with practical application cases related to the needs of automatic optical inspection equipment and production line automation integration, and are effectively applied in the field of industrial automation.



Intelligent measurement, accurate and fast
Intelligent, high-precision, ultra-fast to achieve more stable measurement quality

Bueno Optics Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development and production of AI automatic optical inspection equipment (AOI) and optical application-related technologies. The Optical Inspection Equipment Division specializes in the design and development of AI+AOI optical measurement/inspection machines, integrating AI and AOI, based on AI combined with machine vision.

It also integrates optical lens camera modules, optical lighting technology, and image processing algorithms. It can also integrate robot arm applications and various automation system integration technologies with the automation department, providing the industry with practical application cases related to the needs of automatic optical inspection equipment and production line automation integration, and effectively applying them in the field of industrial automation.

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Modern Architecture

Founded in 2017

Ho Chuan Feng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.


A technology company with advanced optical technology as its main focus, a leading domestic SI manufacturer, a leading Teflon processing product company in Taiwan and a related company of Zhengfeng Technology. We actively invest in product development in the field of optics, from optical path architecture, algorithm development, to mechanism design and assembly, all of which are directly manufactured and sold by original manufacturers in Taiwan, and provide a one-stop after-sales service.

The development areas include various machine vision applications for industry, integrated development of automation equipment for artificial intelligence and deep learning, and assisting domestic and foreign companies to enter the field of smart manufacturing. Adhering to the principle of "innovation and creativity" combined with "technology and future-orientedness", we aim to become a world-class optical product company.

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