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SE-5AT Semiconductor Series | Optical Testing Equipment

Intelligent automatic wafer thickness dual-axis measurement equipment

Multifunctional wafer measuring instrument, using upper and lower high-precision white light concentric focus sensors to measure wafer thickness, curvature, bow, etc.
Semiconductor Measurement
3D measurement technology

Intelligent automatic wafer thickness measurement equipment

Thickness monitoring

Targeting the thickness monitoring requirements of semiconductor wafer grinding, thinning process, CVD deposition, epitaxy and film growth process.

Precise measurement

The wafer bow, curvature and thickness uniformity generated during the process are accurately measured and analyzed; a non-contact dual probe sensor is used in conjunction with a high-precision displacement platform to perform full-plane scanning.

Barcode Loading Work Order

Work orders can be provided in the form of barcodes, which can be automatically read according to the customer's format and automatically load measurement parameters for measurement.

Measurement function

The measurement points can be customized. The software has built-in point paths, including 5 points, 9 points, 37 points and customized points, which can achieve multi-point measurement information; the system can also read the wafer's WAFER ID information.

Standard model

Automatic optical testing equipment specifications


Intelligent automatic wafer thickness measurement equipment

Multifunctional Wafer Meter
Dual probe
Thickness measurement
Curvature measurement
Bow measurement

* Opposed dual-probe white light concentric focus module

Image Detection

Measurement interface

▍Measure each point according to coordinates
Wafer thickness measurement at each point
▍3D color image analysis
3D color chart analysis
Laser Sensor

SE-5AT Wafer Measurement Series

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